Liver Complex | Liver Therapeutics
LIPOCOR, A Stimulant free weight loss supplement. A healthy alternative. LIPOCOR by Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ is a comprehensive and effective CLA/EFA blend that is superior to others currently available in the industry.   EFA’s or Essential Fatty Acids, are better known as Omega’s encorporate both EFA’s and CLA’s. 
Liver Complex – LIVER COMPLEX by Katalyst Nutraceuticals™ is a comprehensive product designed for optimal liver health and function. The liver plays a vital role in your body’s metabolic functions. These include protein synthesis and hormone production. This Vitamin Supplement has been designed to help the pro athletes take their workouts to the next level.
Joint Therapy | Joint Therapuetics | Nutrishop
Her Essentials
HER essentials is a unique blend of vitamins that is designed for women in everyday life. If your an active woman on the go and are looking for a daily vitamin try HER Essentials today.
Joint Complex is an another Katalyst masterpiece. Joint Complex is designed to promote healthy Joints. This product is a favorite among older fitness fanatics as well as avid runners. The longer your workouts and more intense they are, the more you need a joint vitamin. Joint complex helps keep your joints in optimal form.
With Katalyst Nutraceuticals on the forefront of nutrition technology.  They realized a void existed. The selection available prior to this introduction of GLUTACOR was limited. The market consists of an array of conventional glutamine-based products with marginal levels of active compounds. These products make big claims with fancy marketing gimmicks but deliver negligible results.
Vasocor is a pre-workout drink by Katalyst and is a designed and engineered supplement that is specifically tailored to endurance training athletes and those looking to increase the intensity of their workouts. Buy your extreme Vasocor pre workout supplement today.

Instantized BCAA advanced Hybrid
DETOXIN is a strong, all natural detox formula and is designed to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate the body’s filtration system (Liver, Gallbladder, Colon and Kidneys) so that various toxins, waste and toxic build-up can be safely and effectively eliminated from the body. 
Do you like having the latest and greatest supplements to hit the market? IBCAA is one of the most advanced BCAA product on the market. Not only do you get more BCAA from each serving, you also get a BCAA product that instantly dissolves in your favorite beverage. And to one up that, it is fast acting in your body. If you want to have one of Nutrishop’s best BCAA’s look no further than Katalayst’s IBCAA.
With Katalyst Nutraceuticals on the forefront of nutrition technology, several years ago we realized there was a void in the selection and effectiveness of weight loss supplements. We did this with Hypercor.  This product is sure to get your friends talking about your changing lifestyle and weight.
Adicor is a top selling Nutrishop weight loss supplement offers exactly what you want! Check what is inside Adicor.     With Katalyst Nutraceuticals being on the forefront of nutrition technology, we realized there was an unfulfilled void in the selection of weight loss products available on the market today.
Katalyst Nutraceuticals understands that you are looking for increased fat oxidation and more restful sleep. That is the sole reason they set out to  develop a Nighttime Metabolic Formula ,  with you in mind. 
Clean out your system and start all over with DIUCOR! This advanced formula uses three natural extracts to use as a dietary supplement. The ends of which will allow a better you to shine through. Call Nutrishop to learn more about how Diucor can be used in your diet and how it can achieve your weight loss goals.